The Legacy of Mr Jarvis featured book cover


Publication date of my next novel has been brought forward to November 28th – which is great news since I will be attending three book fairs in November and will have copies with me to sell.  In fact, although formal release date is not until the end of the month, I expect to have the actual published novel in my hand by October.

When the first copies of ‘Counting the Ways’ reached me in February 2017, I remember being terrified even to peep at the first page.  Other writers tell me that this sensation is common – for some crazy reason, we expect to see words that we have not written together with errors and faults that have somehow slipped in since the meticulous edit and proof read stage. And there’s also the desperate desire to change a particular phrase – to see, once it’s too late – a better way of expressing something – or to cut the use of a word.

And of course, by now my thoughts have moved on very firmly to novel 3 which is well advanced.  It’s those characters that are occupying me and troubling me with how they are going to behave.  I am also spending a lot of waking moments fishing around for the best title which is eluding me at present.  I would really like to be calling it by its name rather than referring to it anonymously as ‘novel 3.’  I have a short list – it does sound very like naming one’s children – but nothing that is absolutely right quite yet.

Anyway, back to THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS!  This novel has had such a long gestation period.  In fact, it’s been around for a dozen years or so in idea and very early drafts.  Some people will know that I released an eBook version of the story in 2013 under a different title.  But I then withdrew it and spent 7 months re-drafting, editing, changing, adding, deleting – as well as altering the title to suit the new focus of the story.  So although publicity refers to it as my second novel – which it is in tangible, published form – the characters and story line actually pre-date my first novel.

So when I do finally hold the novel in my hand and dare to open it to glimpse inside, it will feel like the end of a long, demanding journey – and one that is finally complete for both writer and characters!

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