On Saturday 7th December I will be at Winchester’s Guildhall with two other local writers – Helen Matthews and Katharine Johnson – on a stall selling our novels.  Amidst all the craft items and products and a lot of clever, crafty women, I hope we will be spotted and that people will come over and talk books and, hopefully, buy some!  Winchester weekends are very busy and congested indeed once the Christmas market and ice rink arrive in late November so the craft fair will offer people  an escape from the crowds in the warmth of the majestic Guildhall building.

Books make such great presents – so easy to wrap and not even that heavy to send through the post – and the three of us are all very different writers producing different kinds of novels.  In addition to having copies of ‘COUNTING THE WAYS’ with me, I will also be selling ‘THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS’  which has an official publication date of January 28th 2020, but will be in my hand sooner than that so this will be a chance of buying a pre-release copy.

So November 17th, November 23rd and December 7th –  (Henley in Arden, Brighton and Hove and Winchester )all book/craft fair dates for me with outings for my two novels and a chance to find and meet some new readers!


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