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At the Self-Publishing conference in late April, I was interviewed by MATADOR – my publishers – about aspects of writing my novel, COUNTING THE WAYS and about the use of social media as a marketing tool.  I finished writing that novel early in 2016, publishing it the following year, and  since then have fully re-drafted and edited an earlier, first novel and am half way through novel number 3.

It was, therefore, quite a strange experience trying to remember influences and recall inspiration for particular settings, characters and plot devices for a novel that I started some 5 years earlier. My mind was so much more focused on elements of the novel I had just spent  six months entirely re-drafting as well as on my current work in progress.  Even remembering characters’ names felt like struggling to recall long lost friends …

It was easier talking about the use of social media as a marketing tool since this is an area that I am constantly addressing and forever trying to improve my skills at handling it.  I am still very much a  novice and handling hash tags effectively – amongst other potential obstacles – is something of a daily hazard for me.  Still, at least I am improving, becoming a little more proficient and have certainly come to recognise that all writers – conventionally or independently published – need to make use of this very 21st century invention.

Of course it’s not just me talking on MATADOR’S summer podcast – other writers are speaking about their path to publication and related matters so it’s well worth a listen.

I will certainly have to re-visit it every now and again to remind myself of the conversion to social media that I appear to talk about with such enthusiasm and conviction towards the end of the podcast …!

Listen to the podcast here:

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