The Legacy of Mr Jarvis featured book cover


The first reviews for THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS have been very positive.

Beautifully written with so much heart and vividly drawn characters

I devoured this book as slowly as possible so I didn’t have to leave the story

A fascinating story – the writing is simply extraordinary

A literate and compassionate look at the lives we lead

A multi-layered story

Naturally,  I am delighted by such comments.

Equally, I am gratified that these early reviewers have simply GOT the story – one writes: it took me back to my own childhood and our family dynamics; the emotional ramifications of parents who survived WW2.  And it’s so rewarding to read that, for one reader: I looked at Ida and felt I understood just how Mary felt towards her mother – I could see some of me in Mary.  And another: I was so drawn into the history of the characters.

Realistically, of course, these are the comments of just a few readers.  It hardly makes my novel a runner-away best seller.  But that’s not the point.  It’s hard to describe how vital are the views of the first impartial readers for a writer’s confidence and belief in the story that has been written.  And although the euphoria is short-lived, within hours worrying about inevitable negative reactions (we all like different kinds of novels and different writing styles and genres, after all) and the heavy shadows of doubt swiftly reassert themselves, the positive comments lurk reassuringly somewhere in the back of the mind.

So thank you, early readers,  who found my novel on NetGalley and read it as an eBook and reviewed it – you’ve lifted MR JARVIS from the page and set him on his way.  Here’s hoping his journey will be long and far-ranging!


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