Counting the Ways book cover featured

‘Counting the Ways’ back in the picture!

Sometimes, it’s only the most recent book that seems to get attention so it was lovely just now to see a brand new review for COUNTING THE WAYS – which came out early in 2017 – on Amazon.

It’s a rare treat to read a book that manages to portray all the foibles and failings of its characters while allowing their ordinary human kindness to shine through the story with remarkable subtlety and grace. The author manages the near impossible task of writing about the quietly heroic love of women without sentimentality or cynicism. It’s a story that affirms the qualities of courage, loyalty and perseverance which knit relationships together in spite of the woundings of life. This is a feel-good book in the best sense. Highly recommended. 

Apologies for quoting in full, but it makes a change for my first novel to steal a bit of the limelight from my most recent – THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS!

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