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Sunday October 28th – UK Southern Book Show at Field Place Barns,  Worthing,  looks as if it is going to be a dynamic and inspirational day for readers and writers alike – what better way, after all, to start the first of the long dark days of winter (clocks go back in the early hours of 28th …)than to come to the show, meet and talk to writers and readers, attend talks and buy some books to occupy those cold bleak evenings?  And why not get ahead with the Christmas shopping and find something suitable for your book-loving relative too?  A book signed by its author would make an ideal gift – and books make for such easy wrapping  too!

In addition to having a stand, displaying and selling copies of my second novel, COUNTING THE WAYS, I will also be offering mini-workshop sessions in The Annex between the Barns on:

Starting to write – where do the ideas come from? Characterisation – how to build effective characters in fiction.  Memory – exploiting memory for writing.  Plot v Character driven novels. Flash fiction …

…and if that seems rather a lot to pack into an hour from 11 to midday, we will focus on whatever seem to be the most popular and relevant topic or topics to explore.

Do let me know ahead of time if you have a particular interest in one of these areas – and hope to see you at Field Place Barns at the end of October!

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