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Holiday reading means the chance to read several books in as many days instead of consuming only one or two over at least a fortnight.? And the excitement of seeing Anne Tyler?s latest novel, CLOCK DANCE, at Gatwick airport in a special pre-release airport edition knows no bounds!

No spoilers here, I promise, but just the reassurance that if you love Anne Tyler ? or even quite like her ? this novel will not disappoint.? For me, it is one of her best.? The story of Willa, a 61-year-old mother of 2 grown sons who ?was the only woman she knew whose prime objective was to be taken for granted? has all the usual wonderful Anne Tyler trademarks – deceptively simple, straight forward writing that manages to convey profound truths – idiosyncratic, highly original characters who, nevertheless, we can all recognise ? domestic, ordinary situations that, however ordinary, are still captivating and compelling to read.? In other words, CLOCK DANCE is a novel that lingers after the last page is sadly read and the characters seem to be living alongside me still.

It made me want to go and re-read all her previous novels.? There were definitely echoes here of THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST and SAINT MAYBE and LADDER OF YEARS, I felt.

Anyone who has become the slightest bit irritated of late by novels that seem too clever for their own good ? gimmicky chronology, absent or curious punctuation, unconvincing characters ? should turn to Anne Tyler?s CLOCK DANCE with relief and expectation of a wonderfully satisfying read.

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