The Legacy of Mr Jarvis

‘The Legacy of Mr Jarvis’ is a novel that explores the complexities of family relationships and considers the wisdom or even the need for sharing ultimate truths.

When 12 year old Mary’s Foster’s world is abruptly disturbed by a sudden move to a neglected Victorian house on the south coast of England, she finds some comfort in a new friendship to help navigate her way through adolescence.  A shocking discovery of family deceit, however, profoundly affects her, but the climate of the time prevents confrontation and she is left to carry on, bitter, resentful, silent.

40 years on, Mary wants to know more.  Her parents are now elderly and time to uncover truths, to understand the events of the past, is short.  Mary is anxious for answers – to know more.  Or she thinks she is – until the chance to uncover certain realities tests her resolve.

A dual time-line of late 1960s/early 70s and the first decade of 21st century, ‘The Legacy of Mr Jarvis’ reminds us of the rapid change in social as well as moral attitudes as it charts the story of Mary and her parents, Ida and Jack Foster.

Reviews ★★★★★

NetGalley:  Average 5* from all reviewers