Miller Street SW22

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Love was stubborn. That was the truth of it. Even when worn down to a shell of what it had once been, a residue of responsibility was indelibly left, impossible to shift.
The past was insistent, grasping in its refusal to recede quietly.
We think we know the past, that our knowledge of encounters and events is complete. But sometimes it surprises. Just like people sometimes surprise us…

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A street in South West London – autumn 2005 – five people move into Willow House, newly converted into flats. Drawn together by the most assertive of them, Frances, in the cause of a centenary street party the following summer they begin to forge cautious friendships. What they reveal of their lives, however, is limited, as much withheld as declared. Only Violet Lawrence, young and unfettered by the past, is free of any duplicity.

Meanwhile in Brighton, Andrew, separated from his wife, negotiates his new life with his younger lover, Charlotte, in his house in Pilgrim Square

The past, however, is not as fixed or immovable as it appears – as revelations on the mid July day of the Miller Street party itself will eventually reveal to all of them.


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