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An Audio Blog – Enjoy!

Last November, in that curious prelapsarian world where face masks had connotations of criminality and the failure to shake hands or embrace on greeting was considered impolite, I went to Chesham to be interviewed live on Chiltern Voice Radio  by writer and broadcaster, Antonia Honeywell. THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS had just been published and...


Those Excellent Women Writers …

It was at the wonderful bookshop in London’s  Lambs’ Conduit Street – PERSEPHONE BOOKS – where I found Noel Streatfeild’s  novel SAPLINGS and discovered that the writer we no doubt associate with childhood reading also wrote for adults. In fact, she wrote 16 novels for adults and spent her writing career publishing books for both adults...

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I am obsessed with weather. Both in reality and in fiction – and, in truth, in my writing. I think there must be something of the 19th century habit of pathetic fallacy in me for I find it hard to write a scene or event without linking the weather to its mood and outcome. In...