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My third novel, my ?work-in-progress,? does not yet have a name. There are several working titles, but nothing yet that feels quite right although hopefully, inspiration will strike before I finish ? But it does have a very definite setting ? London. London features constantly in the novel as most of the characters live there...

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UK Southern Book Fair

I will be taking part in the UK Southern Book Fair in Worthing on Sunday October 28th.? It’s a wonderful opportunity for readers and writers to get together, browse and buy books and talk books and writing!? What better way to spend a Sunday in late Autumn ?..!



Writers are magpies and petty thieves. We steal. We borrow with no intention of return. We pick over, separate flesh from bone, discard, dissect and reshape. No-one is safe from our alert antennae. The stranger behind us in the bus queue. That fellow patient in the dentist waiting room. The customer at the neighbouring table...