Who is Jude Hayland?

I have been writing forever.

 In small, grubby exercise books bought on Saturdays from Woolworths. Stories about ballet schools and auditions, (from the age of 4 or so, I was going to be a ballerina, you see) stories about houses and families.  At school, I devoted endless hours to homework that required a story or composition – as we used to call it – a negligent few minutes to science and sums.

And at the age of 18, I received my first pay cheque for writing – from the editor of BRIDES magazine who published a light-hearted article of mine about my sister’s wedding. 

Slowly, more acceptances trickled in from a range of magazines for my non-fiction pieces.  But switching to fiction was key.  For some 30 years I sold commercial short stories to magazines such as WOMAN’S REALM, WOMAN, WOMAN’S WEEKLY in the UK – stories that were translated for substantial sales internationally.

It was not until graduating with an M.A. in Creative Writing that I began to write full-length fiction.  I am a slow writer, drafting, editing, re-drafting, re-editing – and eventually published my first novel COUNTING THE WAYS early in 2017.  My second novel, THE LEGACY OF MR JARVIS, grew out of a story I originally completed back in 2013, but never published.  After a radical re-draft, it was published at the end of 2019. In addition to working on my third novel, I am also writing flash and short fiction and published a collection as an Ebook in January 2020 entitled A LA CARTE. (available on Amazon Kindle.)

I continue to teach and tutor Creative Writing, English and Drama. 

HAYLAND is a pseudonym.

I originally wrote commercial fiction under my own surname of WILSON and adopted Hayland – my paternal Great Grandmother’s maiden name – when I began to write novels.