…except when I am at our house in Crete!

And then, suddenly, the days seem to offer spare hours when simply reading begins to feel like a pleasurable obligation.  So what did I read during my recent visit?

John Boyne’s latest novel, LADDER TO THE SKY.

I’ve loved all his novels and this was compelling with fascinating characters – there was just one aspect of the story that I felt was disappointing(a middle section)but perhaps that was just me – I didn’t see any negative comments on the usual sites  His writing is so good.

Adam Kay’s THIS IS GOING TO HURT was a departure from my usual obsession with reading fiction and it was fascinating – written with such ironic humour, it gives a stark as well as compassionate insight into doctors’ lives in hospitals.  I really need to stir myself to read more non-fiction/autobiography/memoir etc.

THE ROAD TO GRANTCHESTER by James Runcie was excellent.  I haven’t read any of this writer’s Grantchester Mystery stories (or seen the tv series inspired by them)and this novel is a kind of prequel.  Starting in WW2, it traces Sidney Chambers’ involvement and survival and how his life is consequently influenced by his experiences.  The WW2 sections are detailed and searing – and the entire novel a very satisfying and intriguing read.

So now all I need is another visit to Crete – fortunately, in only a couple of weeks – to read another trio of books – the only place for me where there is always enough time to read, to write and, simply, to be!

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