SEPTEMBER 28TH WEDDING DAY – 100 Word Friday Flash Fiction

Broad, brazen smiles for the photographer – there you are in your borrowed bridal dress, your enormous bouquet, on a day of late September sunlight, a gift from mid-summer.

And on your arm, in a smart suit that swallowed months of clothes coupons, your groom, handsome, protective, his hand cautiously covering yours.

Your youth, the two of you, shocks.  So vulnerable, so unprepared, innocence loosed on a damaged world, weeping for its sins.

But you survive;  you prosper.

And it is love that reaches out from the well-thumbed photo, your legacy bestowed on the next generation.

And the next …

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  1. Avatar

    “What will survive of us is love…” Poignant thumbnail sketch with adroit details placing it in the historical context of the Second World War (the suit bought with clothing coupons) and an eternal one (the legacy of love lasting through the ages, passed down from generation to generation.) And over all the sense of hope. The dress might be borrowed, its wearer unprepared and vulnerable, but she carries flowers. They stand in sunlight. They smile. Very touching, Jude.

    1. Jude Hayland

      Thank you! And for quoting my favourite line of Larkin!

      1. Avatar

        With Larkin, I’m spoilt for choice. You might get a second post from me since it seemed my first one disappeared. I tried to replicate it, with difficulty, since it’s late and I’m tired. Just pick the one you prefer!

  2. Avatar

    “What will survive of us is love…” Adroit thumbnail sketch contrasting its historical World War II setting with the eternal truth of the legacy of love passed on from generation to generation. Above all is the sense of hope. The world might be weeping but they are smiling. It’s unseasonably sunny for the time of year. Her dress is borrowed but she carries flowers. They survive, despite their youth and vulnerability.

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