My third novel, my ?work-in-progress,? does not yet have a name. There are several working titles, but nothing yet that feels quite right although hopefully, inspiration will strike before I finish ?
But it does have a very definite setting ? London. London features constantly in the novel as most of the characters live there although Brighton also features from time to time.
London as a setting, however, gives me every excuse to get on the train as often as I can to do further research.
And in spite of the fact that I was born in London, come from a long line of parents, grandparents and even great grandparents who were Londoners, lived, worked and bought my first two flats in the capital, I am still constantly surprised by new delightful discoveries.
Even in areas that I thought I knew well.
Suddenly, a narrow lane, a courtyard, a small chapel or church appears that I have never noticed before. A curious street name that demands research, an impressive fa?ade, a small museum never visited ?
This week, skirting Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, Fleet Street, High Holborn, I stumbled across the chapel of Grays? Inn that I had no idea was open to the public. (no idea that it was even there, in fact.) I was the only visitor and sat in the silence for ten or fifteen minutes or so, city noise remote as if part of a different world. Lincoln?s Inn Fields and people were playing a match on the tennis court ? for a moment, the scene looked impossibly rural and relaxed to be only feet away from the constant bustle of the capital.
In my new novel, one of my characters works in a small museum in this area ? the museum is fictitious, but the setting is very real. Visiting these streets helps me to create a felt and authentic background, I hope, that people will either recognise or want to visit when they read the book.
In the meantime, back to the work-in-progress and chapter 14, where I have left my character, Catherine Wells, for far too long, contemplating an evening out with a man called Alec!

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  1. Avatar
    Janet Qualters

    I used to work just off a Fleet Street in Gough Square home to Dr Johnson?s house, you entered from
    A little alley way off Fleet Street passed the Old Cheshire
    Cheese which we used to frequent, spittoons still in place! Also used to go El Vino but always had to go with a man as women were not allowed at the bar in those days! Used to go to eat my sandwiches some lunch times in Lincoln?s Inn Field! Look forward to the new book having read your other two. Best wishes Janet

  2. JJude Hayland
    JJude Hayland

    Gough Square! I love it – so much so that I?ve used the name Gough for the surname of 2 of my characters in my next novel! I went to the house only a few months ago – thank you for your support- much appreciated!

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