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A little bit about Jude:

Jude Hayland has been a freelance writer of commercial short fiction for many years and has been widely published in women’s magazines in the UK, in Australia and South Africa and, in translation in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  In 2013, her first full-length novel, TRUTH TO TELL, was completed and in 2017, her second novel, COUNTING THE WAYS was published.  Amongst the first cohorts of students on the University of Winchester’s Creative and Critical Writing M.A. courses, Jude graduated with DISTINCTION and since then has combined a career in writing, teaching and examining.  A previous runner-up in the Bridport Short Story competition, Jude is now working on her third novel.  Growing up in London, she has lived in Winchester for over 20 years, but spends part of the year living in a village in north west Crete.

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My latest Flash Fiction

At the 11th hour …

She sits in the parlour, hands neatly clasped, noises outside remote.  Like echoes from a distant place.

The door opens.

“Coming?  The whole street’s out there.  Celebrating.”

She shakes her head.  Tries to smile.

“You go.”

He hesitates, steps towards his mother.  She waves him away.

“I’d prefer to stay here.  With my thoughts.  With the other two.”

He nods, wants to kiss her cheek, but is afraid he might cry.  A grown man crying.  After what he has seen.  Survived.

Outside, jubilant cheers grow.

“Arthur,” she murmurs.  “And Gordon.  My sons.  My lost boys.”

“Their duty,” he says mechanically, “they did …”

But the word implodes, like an unexploded shell.

“Wasted lives,” she says.  “The futility of it.”

Counting the Ways – what’s the novel about?

Grace Barnes, living in her subterranean one-room flat at the nether end of Earl’s Court, feels out of tune with striving, self-seeking 1980s London. Meeting Archie Copeland, she is gratified to have found a man who shares her obsession for reading and seems more fascinated by Shelley than shifting share prices.

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