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A little bit about Jude:

Jude Hayland was a freelance writer of commercial short fiction for many years and has been widely published in women’s magazines in the UK, in Australia, South Africa and Scandinavia.  Completing an M.A. in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Winchester and graduating with distinction, she began to write longer fiction and has now published two novels:  COUNTING THE WAYS and THE LEGACY OF MR JARVISA previous runner-up in the Bridport short story competition, Jude also writes flash fiction and has been frequently short listed for both FLASH 500 and RETREAT WEST competitions. An English graduate, she also teaches and tutors English and Drama and runs creative writing workshops and classes.

Born in London, Jude lived there for many years before moving to Winchester over 20 years ago. She also spends part of the year at a family home in a village in North West Crete. 

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My latest Flash Fiction


She takes the long, mud-crusted route.  Ignores the path that is busy with Sunday walkers seeking suitable blasts of fresh air, stretching limbs before retreat to warm homes, slouched sofa positions.

The first month of the year.

Slow, endless, entirely remote from the previous festive season.  In spite of resolutions, the will is weak and moods too sombre to embrace change.

She lets mud coat her ankles, creep surreptitiously into shoes.  Light clutches on with reluctance.  Fingers, gloveless, freeze.

Then, against expectation, a gift.

A circle of snowdrops, clustered tight nascent bulbs.

And a faint catch of happiness.

Of hope.

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